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Commodity & Derivative Advisors designed, a free resource, to help commodity traders find futures market trading hours, futures market contract and tick values, as well as settlement procedures in a clear, easy to understand format. Rather than wading through page after page of cryptic .PDF files only to find out that you were at the wrong exchange to begin with, provides clarification in the ever-changing world of merging exchanges, pit trading, electronic trading, full size and mini contracts - not to mention settlement procedure.

This information is equally useful to electronic system traders as well. If the trading system has a portfolio optimizer, the trader needs to know trading hours, tick values and futures market margin requirements in order to know what commodity markets are required to reach their model portfolio. provides:

Free Futures Market Quotes

Futures traders will quickly find useful information including free quotes for the most actively traded commodity markets. These free futures market quotes are available wherever possible by clicking on the exchange link in any of the trading hours categories.

Answers to Basic Questions of Commodities Trading

Will the contract simply expire and settle to cash? Will I get the proverbial "Where do you want your hogs delivered?" phone call. How many times have you found a trading pattern setup that you felt completely comfortable with only to shy away from it because you didn't know the details of the underlying commodity market? Have you ever seen the pattern and done the research only to come back and find that the trading pattern had already triggered?

Commodity & Derivative Advisors' will answer your questions, provide the market insight you need, and give you peace of mind.

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Information is broken down by market sector regardless of exchange. If you're looking for market hours or contract values on the U.S. Dollar Index, you will find it listed with the Euro Currency, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, etc. If you are looking for market hours or contract values on the gold futures markets, you will find all of the available contracts - 100oz, 33 1/3oz, and 50oz - as well as the three parent exchanges they've been listed on: CME Group, COMEX, and CBOT.

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